Make best-selling SPF an essential in your beach bag 

The importance of sunscreen should never be underestimated. SPF, meaning ‘Sun Protection Factor’ measures a sunscreen’s protection against the sun’s harmful rays – a radiation that mainly affects the outer layers of the skin causing sunburn, premature ageing of the skin, and more seriously, skin cancer.

The Herbal Essentials award-winning Sun Care range consists of 3 products, all of which have been formulated with a daily broad spectrum filter that offers effective UVA and UVB protection whilst leaving the skin fully hydrated.

Using a broad spectrum sunscreen has many advantages.  It protects from the effects of UVA filters which can cause premature skin ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other skin discolouration. UVA can also pass through window glass and penetrate deep into layers of the skin, meaning it is equally important to wear sunscreen daily, even when you are not going outside. UVB rays are the primary cause of sunburn and are particularly damaging to the skin’s outer layer.

The Herbal Essentials sunscreen range consists of:

  • Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 (AED 135)
  • Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 30 (AED 140)
  • Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 (AED 145)


All Herbal Essentials sunscreen products leave no white marks on the skin. The lotion contains jojoba and rosemary oil along with hydrating aloe vera and is fast absorbing and suitable for the whole family. The texture of the dry oil is non-greasy and contains both coconut and sweet orange oil, so your skin not only stays protected, it smells delicious too! Sweet Orange is known for its high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants. It helps to fight premature ageing and support natural collagen.  Jojoba oil is packed with Vitamin E, B-complex, Zinc and has many moisturising, anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties. Coconut is a true wonder ingredient due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is an excellent moisturiser and penetrates deep into the skin.

For best results, apply Herbal Essentials sunscreen onto the face and body 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and massage into the skin, giving the cream enough time to absorb. Re-apply every 2 hours generously to maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming or towelling.

All Herbal Essentials Sun Care products offer innovative and unique formulations that have been independently tested at Helio-Science in Marseilles and meet EU guidelines on Broad Spectrum protection and SPF certification.

To substantiate and prove claims, Helio-Science applied a suitable quantity of product, measuring the absorption in the UV range. It has been agreed by experts that this value must be equal to, or over 370 nm so as to classify the product as broad spectrum.

Clinically proven, the independent test results for Herbal Essentials Sun Care Products are as follows:

Product Broad Spectrum SPF Test Results
SPF 30 Lotion Yes (375 nm) 43.9
SPF 30 Oil Yes (370 nm) 48.1
SPF 50 Oil Yes (372 nm) 52.2

The sun is most intense between the hours of 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and exposure during this time is best limited to a few hours. If you are hitting the beach for the day, also remember your sunglasses and a hat for extra protection.  With the correct preparation, you can enjoy the sunshine all year round, safe in the knowledge you are fully protected.

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