Prama by Pavigym: A new way to get fit that’s a cross between an arcade, dance floor and playground

Group training has risen to a whole new level over the last few years, but the most recent group fitness class, called Prama by Pavigym, is taking cities around the world, like New York, Dubai and London, by storm.

In case you don’t already know, Pavigym is a leading provider of sports equipment; they specialise in flooring solutions and products designed to enhance and reinvent the fitness experience. The company, based in Spain, has been around since 1963, but their recent phenomenon, Prama, was first introduced to the world last year.

What exactly is Prama, you ask? It’s a fitness class that combines advanced interactive technology with light effects and sounds to deliver the ultimate fitness experience, and it’s causing quite a stir in Dubai at Fairmont The Palm. The new studios there are offering these savvy workout sessions that you really must try. If you subscribe to your November H3Wbox, you’ll find a special exclusive voucher offering a totally free session. You can see just how awesome the class really is—for free!


prama fairmont

During the class, there are no treadmills, rowers, or exercise bikes.  Instead, you’ll feel like you’ve set foot in an arcade. You’ll build up a sweat using the interactive, pressure-sensitive floors and walls, which deliver a wide range of options for performance and functional training. The workout programs are designed to train movements and the body-mind connection, helping you improve your strength, speed, agility and mobility.

In a 45-minute class, you’ll get to cover a full-body workout with basic lunges, medicine ball slams and squat jumps. It’s challenging and never boring or repetitive. Stations vary; you may be using your body-weight, balancing on a Bosu ball—engaging your core, or working with resistance bands and medicine balls to improve your agility and strength.

Prama master trainer at Fairmont The Palm, Hanna Beliayeva says, “Its strength lies in incorporating an enjoyable activity into an interactive fitness platform. And in just one session, you can burn up to 1,000 calories.”

Hanna Belyaeva

The personal trainer has been teaching Prama at the luxury studio gym since it launched last year. She adds, “It is a high-intensity, circuit-based workout and it can quickly improve muscle memory, endurance, strength, balance, speed, agility, reaction time and overall fitness.”

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Where: The Fairmont Palm

Price: Dhs75