FarmHouse Fresh Introduces Delicious Treats for Your Face and Body

New-to-the-region bath and body brand ‘FarmHouse Fresh’ has come up with a range of masks good enough to eat. Made from chocolate and fruit, these masks are available for both the face and body and offer the perfect solution to all of your skincare concerns. Be amazed as they instantly boost the skin, giving an overall radiance and tighten the skin.

The right face mask can do wonders for the skin.  It can help to soften and improve uneven skin tone and the skin’s elasticity. Another reason to indulge in face and body masks is the fact that some of the ingredients used in these masks by FarmHouse Fresh are completely natural and give the feeling of being pampered in the comfort of your own home.

If your skin is in great shape, you will in turn wear less make-up and have smoother and brighter skin. All the masks mentioned below are suitable for both the face and body.

Guac Star – Avocado Mask

contains avocado, butter, oil & extract
With superfood Avocado being the main ingredient, nothing can go wrong! Avocados are a fantastic source of vitamins and contain Copper and Potassium. This revitalising mask is gentle enough to use daily and will help you feel refreshed.

Pajama Paste – Yoghurt Mask

contains active yoghurt and raw honey
This natural nutrient-rich mask for the face and body will keep your skin hydrated and calm after all, every girl needs a little nourishment. Pajama paste is a mixture of natural and fresh active yoghurt, oats and wild honey. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and offers instant results. You will feel a gentle tingle as the products works.

Sundae Best – Chocolate Mask

contains chocolate, CoQ10 and live carrot cells
This fragrance-free mask not only smells delicious but is made for everyone. It is perfect for soothing the dry skin. Silky skin is one scoop away with this chocolate mask full of powerhouse enzymes which soften skin while protecting and revitalising it from the inside. It also boost’s the body’s natural defences against sagging, wrinkles and dryness.

To learn more about the story of FarmHouse Fresh brand, please visit FarmHouse Fresh Instagram page in the UAE. 

About FarmHouse Fresh


Farmhouse Fresh offers a beautiful range of skincare born out of the USA, on a ranch in Texas, USA. All of the hand packaged products are paraben and sulfate free, with many also being vegan and gluten-free. Up to 99.6% of the ingredients used in the products are natural and contain naturally derived ingredients such as wild honey, yogurt, clay and pumpkin. Over the last few years the brand has also garnered various US consumer magazine awards including,

Redbook’s Most Valuable Beauty Product Award, Southern Living Magazine’s Beauty Awards, Elle Canada Hot List and have also been featured twice on Oprah’s O-List.