Homegrown Natural Skincare Brand, Reine Michi Beauty launches in the UAE

Reine Michi Beauty skincare brand produces only natural, vegan and ethical products.

The brand, which creates handmade goods in small batches will cater to the growing demand for natural and halal skincare products in the region. Reine Michi Beauty takes pride in its holistic approach to beauty and uses ethically sourced ingredients that are designed to feed and nurture the skin.

In March 2017, the brand introduced its first product, the Moisturising Sugar Scrub which is an exfoliating scrub made from sugar, coconut oil and lavender essential oil. In the next six months, they will introduce three more products that are currently been tested such as a coffee scrub, cleansing sponge and a face mask.

“Reine Michi Beauty is a labour of love. I have been working on this for over a year and I am happy to finally see it come to life. I believe that the key to amazing and glowing skin is to keep your skincare routine simple. Therefore, our products usually don’t have more than 4-5 ingredients. Judging by the feedback we have gotten so far, it is evident that other women in the UAE share this belief also.” Says Zainab Imichi Alhassan, Founder Reine Michi Beauty.

The Moisturising Sugar Scrub is available for AED 50 on the brand’s website https://www.reinemichibeauty.com/

To keep up with the brand’s activities, follow them on Reine Michi Instagram account or Reine Michi Facebook account.