Health coaching is a unique and fun approach to personal development.

Health coaching is an opportunity for you to find out what you are truly capable of achieving. The experience opens doors to learn and grow – in body, mind and spirit.

I support my clients, without judgement, to take action to change. Encouraging them to try new things and for them to get out of their comfort zone. Furthermore, I do not see mistakes or setbacks as failures but as an opportunity to reflect, learn and problem solve. During the program a client will identify goals and using the ‘circle of life’ identify areas of their day-to-day that need some attention to achieve harmony into their life. The coaching experience brings tried and tested techniques and strategies for personal success, improving not only health but overall wellness.

“From a place of love, I lead you to reconnect with your body, mind and spirit and inspire you to take action to live the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.” – Heidi Jones

Health coaching teaches you how to look after your body to achieve optimal health.

Using a bio-individual approach and whole foods concept; I also educate my clients on food options and nutritional requirements for them to be able to achieve optimal health. But, I do not believe there is one diet fits all. Each client has their own bio-individual need. This is also identified at the start of the health coaching program when discussing health goals. From their I focus on how to help the client develop a diet that will fit their lifestyle or the lifestyle they want to lead, and focusing on being able to maintain this long-term.

I use the Count Nutrients Not Calories approach. Focusing on adding in more quality and nutrient dense foods into the diet on a daily basis. To learn more on the Count Nutrients Not Calories approach, I hold monthly food and recipe workshops at Greenheart Organic Store. You can learn about my events here

Heidi Jones Coaching helps you to set challenging goals and support you during the journey to success.

I encourage my clients to set challenging goals from the start of the health coaching program. Leading a goal driven lifestyle empowers you to live the best version of yourself on a daily basis. My clients develop self-confidence, resilience, energy levels, sense of achievement and the motivation to look after their health and wellbeing with each choice they make working towards achieving their goals. I work with clients over a minimum of 6 months to support them during the process of change and transformation. Supporting them in the face of adversity, challenging setbacks and self-doubt by focusing on the small steps needed to move forward one day at a time.


Health coaching is an opportunity for you to take time out of your normal busy life and spend quality time on you. It is a journey of self-discovery (in a sense). By investing time to improve your current situation, you will become healthier and will feel much happier. By setting and achieving a challenging goal, you will transform into the person you want to be.


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